Giving you ACCESS to
“A More Personal Approach To Your Health”

Many colorful people stand in a crowd thinking of questions

Not sure if you need therapy? Not sure what therapy is?  Do you have questions about pain or an injury you are experiencing? Then the Access plan is perfect.  Get a 30 min or Level 1 assessment by a Physical or Occupational Therapist to assess your situation and then get a tailored plan just for you.  Level 2 assessments are also an option, they are a more expansive assessment and take an hour.

We find ourselves lost amidst the craziness of healthcare and the demands of life and sometimes it causes us to ignore needs.

Please don’t!  Take care of yourself!

Agape developed the Access Care Model.  We have all these great services but they weren’t put together in a fashion that made it easy for patients to know what to do next.  The ACCESS plan, as we call it, is a 3 phase plan set up to guide you from start to finish on a journey to restore function and health.

Rehab. Restore. Reclaim.  

Here at Agape Therapy we believe in comprehensive care.  As therapists, we specialize in movement and function.  As a team we meet you where you are at in your health and offer care and a plan to help progress you to the highest quality of life possible.

Something very special we offer is a Cooperative.  This part ofThe Access Care Model is special because it is a group of other practitioners (some in our doors and some not) that we have established and cultivated great relationships with so we can be on the same page with your care.  Although it would be handy, we don’t specialize in everything. The Cooperative has specialists in their areas to help get you back to that best quality of life possible.  Agape and The Cooperative will help give you tools to take care of yourself, but we are going to teach you how to use those tools, and when to use them. When you walk out of our doors, you are prepared.

Below is the back of our ACCESS card that we put out at our facilities to give you a general overview of the services and possible packages for care.

 Back of Access Card