Unique at Agape Therapy:

FIT3D Scan

FIT3D is a quick and easy scanner to assess a variety of wellness metrics to help you compare your progress.

Intelliskin Clothing

Intelliskin products mimic healthy muscles and provide constant feedback that improves how you move and feel. Similar to S.P.R.T. (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping), Intelliskin dynamically supports muscles and joint injuries, decreases pain, and improves sensory motor function. Stop in or call the Cedar Falls clinic for more information!

Wellness Programs That We Offer:

 Our staff is dedicated to providing you with superior integrated wellness programs and services to create a better, healthier Cedar Vally. We seek to empower you to redefine your current wellness state through Agape’s wellness education, practical application and familiarizing you with the resources available. Our staff is eager to help you reach your wellness potential!