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Agape STRONG Athlete development programs

We have a range of athlete development opportunities for the young athlete. Click below to sign up for your program. If you have any issues email

Agape Performance is where our young athlete development programs take place.  Those programs are under the      AgapeSTRONG branch of Agape Therapy.  Agape offers a variety of developmental programs for young athletes.  The desire is to develop good mechanics, injury prevention strategies, self care, strength, mobility, culture of error and leadership to athletes when they are younger.  This is to help develop strong and healthy patterns for multi sport athletes and also just for the young athlete’s bodies in general.  We also want them to enjoy the process of taking care of their body.  They will work hard but they also will have fun!

Our programs are developed by our Physical Therapist and Medical Exercise Specialists to ensure a well-rounded and multi-faceted approach.   We run AgapeSTRONG frequently because it offers the flexibility for busy schedules.  As we see the athletes the first time we will add auxiliary lifts that the individual may need to supplement with. Our whole team loves working with young humans, and looks very much forward to meeting each of them!

Programs include:


ShoulderSTRONG (focused on the overhead athlete)

CoreSTRONG (focused on general core strength and integrating upper and lower body seamlessly)





We can do this for any group of kids.

Our building for all our athlete and therapeutic wellness classes is out on Viking Rd. in Cedar Falls.  This is across the parking lot from our Agape Therapy and gentleGYM.

We look forward to seeing you.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Riley at