Access Assessments


Access Assessments

Do you…

  • Desire to have an evaluation to find where improvements in your health could be made? Prehab, if you will!
  • Have a nagging issue but you don’t feel it’s bad enough to get therapy?
  • Have trouble progressing further in your training for an event without getting injured?
  • Wish you could get some advice but not have to go through the hassle of a doctor’s call, doctor’s visit, insurance clearance, and setting up another appointment?

Agape understands that you are very busy. Also, as a private clinic, we understand operating on a tight budget.  Investing a small amount in an Access Assessment can save you much more down the road.

A 30 minute, treatment session with a skilled and qualified therapist could get you on your way for a low cost of $60 without all the pre-appointment hassle.

Call us at 277-3166 and ask for Amy or Matt if you have questions.