What Can I Expect?

In your first session, I will get your health summary (aches, pains, injuries, illnesses; exercise, sleep, eating and hydration habits; RX,OTC and Vitamin list; and  goals. You will have the opportunity to schedule a free wellness nutrition consult if that summary reveals ways diet could help you reach those goals) You will remain clothed, lay on your back on a comfortable table, and have your choice of a warm neck and shoulder wrap or warm lumbar pillow.

Hand Reflexology Chart

You will remain clothed for the duration of the session and I will apply pressure and massage to areas on the feet, calves, hands and forearms that will cause a “reflex” of relaxation, decreased inflammation, pain reduction, and faster healing in the connected area.

You are free to ask any questions you like. Though it is ideal for you to rest quietly, this is your time and I will follow your lead regarding conversation during treatment. You will have opportunity for questions before and after so dont be shy about laying back, relaxing and falling asleep if you can! The first session is  30 minutes of Reflexology and additional time taken for health history.

What Should I Wear?

Please wear loose fitting clothes so that easily pull up to the the knee and elbow so that warm towels can be placed around your feet calves, hands and arms and so I can easily have direct contact with the skin in those areas.


How Long Will It Take? 

Sessions may be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes. Please allow for 15 minutes above that for questions and suggestions.

How Often Do I Need To Come Back?

This varies by individual condition and response to treatment. To achieve pain reduction, increased circulation, etc once or twice per week may be needed at first. Once goals are reached, maintenance of 2 sessions per month often suffices.

What Does It Cost?

  • The first session is always 30 minutes and half off-  $15
  • 30 minutes- $30
  • 60 minutes- $55
  • 20 minute Express Rejuvenation- $20
  • 15 minute Children’s Session with Home Care Techniques for Parents- $20