The Den

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668 Main St.
Dike, IA
The Den 
How It All Works…..
The Den is a development of Agape Therapy.  This means that if you need anything for memberships or even therapy you can call The Den during staffed hours.  In order to keep membership fees economical The Den is not staffed at all hours.  You are welcome to call 319-260-2240 and Agape Therapy staff will assist you.  The staff of The Den and Agape Therapy work as one unit.
New Members:
Call (319)404-7844 to schedule an appointment with one of our Wellness Specialists to tour the facility, discuss membership options, and fill out membership forms.

Previous or Existing Members:
To restart or terminate a membership you can call (319)404-7844 to discuss options.  You can stop in during staffed hours.  Please be aware staff may be in class or with a client and unavailable to help immediately.  **There will be a $150 cancellation fee for any memberships cancelled prior to the end of the contract.  The rates are discounted when you commit to larger time periods so we must uphold a cancellation fee to maintain people signing up for a contract and paying for the whole contract.  We do not make you pay all of the money up front to help offset expenses for you each month. Though you can pay all at once if you would prefer.

Facility Use:
Once a member has received a personal key fob it must be swiped on the outside of the door prior to entry.  If the door is locked and you have an active membership the door will unlock after the swipe.  If it is open your card can either be swiped outside or at the front desk.  The door will be unlocked during physical therapy and staffed hours.  During this time there will be an employee at the front desk, but it is important you still swipe your card.

Physical Therapy:
If you need to set up an appointment for physical therapy at The Den please contact Agape Therapy at (319)277-3166 for availability.  Upon arrival at your first appointment you will need to bring a copy of your insurance card and may also need to bring an order from your doctor.  Please give yourself a few minutes prior to your appointment for paperwork or it may also be filled out on our website.

Security cameras are in place for both yours and our security during un-staffed hours.  Slipping people in with you, stealing, equipment damage, building or individual abuse is unacceptable and will be prosecuted by the law.

Classes are offered to both members and non-members.  The classes will be free for all members and non-members will be charged using a punch card.   We are trying to keep class sized appropriately for both your comfort and personalized attention.