Agape Therapy was founded in 1986 by Cal Iehl, PT and Deb Iehl, PT. Born and raised in Waterloo, Cal, along with his wife Deb, saw a need to provide therapy services that were not otherwise being provided in the Cedar Valley.

Initially providing Physical Therapy, the practice grew to provide Occupational, Speech and Massage Therapies as well and became a Medicare Certified Rehabilitation Agency in 1990. The practice outgrew the small clinic on the corner of 6th and Washington St. and the present modern facility was built on the same site in 1998. To better serve the needs of the Cedar Valley, a second clinic location was added in Waterloo at 927 W. 4th St. in 2000. We not only see patients in our clinics, but also in long-term care facilities and even privately in patient's homes.

Agape Therapy emphasizes individualized treatment plans based on each patient's needs and response to therapy, drawing on years of clinical experience and the methods and insights of current research and technology.

With the apparent changes of large healthcare corporations and managed care, we believe with increasing conviction that the consumer's interest, as well as excellence and professionalism, is best served in the private practice setting. In this day and age of impersonal care we are proud that our patients know they are treated special! We believe in the Cedar Valley, and are proud to show that commitment in the way we take care of our patients!

What does "Agape" mean? Agape is a Greek word for love, used to describe the early Christians because of how they cared for people regardless of their circumstances. As owners, we feel this same motivation to serve others by acknowledging the example of Jesus Christ.

  • 1986 Agape Therapy born
  • 1990 Agape becomes a Rehabilitation Agency including Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Massage
  • 1998 New therapy building in current location!
  • 2000 Waterloo Clinic Location born
  • 2005 Personal Training and Wellness Services introduced
  • 2009 Additional Wellness staff added and Wellness Services expanding
  • 2010 Community Wellness System introduced(Community Wellness Challenge Launch)
  •  2011 The Den, our 3rd location, a fitness/therapy combo, was started
  •  2011 Dr. Jennifer Jensen, Chiropractor, joins Agape's Cooperative and moves her practice into our Main Clinic
  •  2012 Our 4th location was started inside Key West in Black Hawk Village, CF
  •  2013 Agape launches our comprehensive Access Care Model
  •  2013 Stacey Turilli, Health Coach and Nutritionist joins Agape's Cooperative
  •  2013 Erin Norin, LMT joins Agape's Cooperative at the Main Clinic