Women’s Health clinic

Welcome to the Agape’s Women’s Health Clinic page.  There is so much we can offer you, and it can be a lot to put here.  Check out the information below, but if you are having issues and you are not sure what next step to take we have an easy answer! Give us a call and get scheduled for a free 20 minute consultation with a Physical Therapist.  319.277.3166.  They will help determine what would be the next best step for you. It’s so easy!

Women’s Health Clinic 

Our team of practitioners and trainers have developed a well rounded opportunity for you to address pain and dysfunction.  So many issues we experience in our bodies as women are things that can be addressed if we talk about them!  Please, if you are having any issues, talk with us.  We want to help you!  Here are some ways we can help:

Physical Therapy

Women’s Health Personal Training

‘Bump To Baby’ Class

Dry Needling

Clogged Ducts

Pregnancy Kinesio Taping

Pelvic Floor Consult and Treatment

Pain and Injury Consult

Collaboration with other practitioners depending on needs.



What do you treat?

Musculoskeletal pain

Visceral pain

Pre/post operative needs

Pelvic floor dysfunction/pain

Bowel/bladder incontinence

Pain with sex

Tailbone pain

Pre/post delivery needs

Clogged ducts from breast feeding


What ages do you treat?

All ages

Do you do internal pelvic floor work?

If your circumstance would benefit from that work, and you give consent for the work, absolutely. It can be immensely beneficial to do internal pelvic floor work. But don’t worry it’s not the only way to address pelvic floor issues.

Do I need a doctor’s order?

If your insurance requires it then yes. However, many insurances are what is called direct access. That means you can call directly to us for PT and we can get you in and evaluated. 

What should I expect at my appointment?

Our professional and courteous team will take good care of you. From filling out your paperwork at your evaluation through to completing your plan of care. We have four locations. Each of the clinics have private treatment rooms if needed.  You will come in and receive an evaluation.  This involves looking at your history, asking you questions, watching you move, and doing some testing to help guide a treatment plan.  You will receive education and exercises to help assist your progress.  During your follow up sessions you will likely receive some manual care appropriate for your need, go through exercises to facilitate, strengthen or lengthen tissue or even address your nervous system.  If you need pelvic floor work it can be done externally but sometimes it’s needed to be done internally.  That would require consent from you.  Once that is determined the therapist will have you in a private room. You will take off your bottoms and get on the table with a sheet covering you. It will seem much like an annual exam with your doctor.  Typically, you will be on your back. However, sometimes a different position allows for a more effective treatment.  The therapist will utilize a gloved finger to palpate and treat the different structures of your pelvic floor.  They are wonderful at explaining what they are doing, going slow, and making sure you remain comfortable. 

I am pregnant. Is there any care I should do before or after I deliver?

Carrying a baby is a wonderful experience.  It is a lot for your body. There are definitely preventive and post delivery or surgery exercises and tools that can be used to set you up for the best outcomes possible.  Ways to prep your body for carrying a baby and delivery are wonderful to keep your comfortable.  Education is given on what to expect at delivery and ways to make labor and delivery the best experience for you and your baby.  Plus how to recover best after your deliver your baby(ies) is always an important understanding.  This helps minimize body pain or dysfunction that can follow delivery.  Please check out our ‘Bump To Baby’ class. This is a great resource to learn so much information.  We also have a Medical Exercise Specialist who can work on your specific Women’s Health needs.

I think I need PT but I am not sure?

No worries! We have a free Pain and Injury Consultation at any of our locations you can do to determine if you need PT.  If you don’t, they will likely send you home with some things to try on your own to help with your issue.

What is the ‘Bump To Baby Class’?

This is a 4 session series that walks you through healthy movements, education, and understanding of the changes you experience as you are pregnant through to recovering after delivery. Things like: how to take care of your pelvic floor, how to keep your posture and core in good working order, what to expect at labor, ways to make labor comfortable, creating a birth plan, what to expect at delivery, how to recover after delivery.  This is a jammed packed series and is great to do with your partner.