Agape Performance

Agape STRONG Athlete development programs

We have a range of athlete development opportunities for the young athlete. Click below to sign up for your program. If you have any issues email


Agape Performance is one of Agape Therapy’s locations.  As with all our locations, we still offer the same great Physical Therapy. We have just created an environment better suited for training athletes.  Not only does Agape offer Physical Therapy but also sports training for all kinds of athletes. From teaching school age kids how to use their body better, to posture and movement assessments, to enhancing performance in elite athletes, Agape Performance is ready to help you be better!

One of the big benefits to this location is the warm water pool!

Warm water

Warm ambient air

Underwater treadmill

2 currents to walk or swim against

Monitors to measure speed and heart rate

Private bathrooms with shower and big locker room available

It’s important to understand that there are cameras in the pool area but there is no lifeguard present. Staff will make regular rounds to ensure safety, but the pool will not be physically staffed with a lifeguard. You will participate at your own risk.