Careers, Internships, & Observations

      Deb, our owner (ownership now in second generation with Deb’s daughter, Kristin), giving the team a little Agape history lesson at the start of a lunch All Staff meeting at our downtown Cedar Falls clinic.

Internships and Observation

We love to grow and learn together as a team, and we love to help other people do that, too! Observers are always welcome, and internships are offered throughout the year!

Please feel free to contact  Bethany Jacobsen, PT, ATC, and Student Coordinator at to find out what is available.

Make sure to include your name, need (certain number of hours, etc), time commitment, phone number, and availability in your email.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Looking to join our team?   Download our Application for Employment.
Please email your application, resume and cover letter (with references and their emails) to Amy VanArkel,  In the subject line please share the job you are looking to apply for.  
We are currently looking for a Physical Therapist as well as a Massage Therapist.