Insurance Plans Accepted

What is Direct Access?  

 A: Access to PT, OT without the need of a doctor’s order, and insurance will cover it.

Hear Jordan, DPT answer this question for you.

Insurance Plans Accepted 

**If you are a Wheaton or Allen Hospital employee (and your insurance is through them) we can see you but it would be out of network benefits in most cases.**

Note: There are thousands of independent insurance plans available. Call us to verify. We may be in network with your insurance even though it is not listed here. We also recommend that you call the number on your insurance card to verify participation before starting treatment due to the integration of plans and because plans vary in different parts of the country.  We can help you navigate insurance, but it is ultimately your responsibility to your benefits.

The National council on aging provides information to help you better understand Medicare and the following subjects:

  • Medicare’s annual enrollment period starts Oct. 15, but millions of older adults are still confused about how to choose a plan that’s best for them
  • The budget debate and protecting older adults
  • Challenges of chronic diseases and falls with older adults and programs provided.
  • Quality Improvement Organizations that can help the transition of older adults.
  • The summit will convene hospitals, health systems, health plans, and long-term care facilities to discuss ways to manage the increasing number of chronically ill seniors.
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