Aquatic Therapy Makes a Splash!

Aquatic Therapy Makes a Splash!

Agape Therapy’s new location, gentleGym, is introducing aquatic therapy to the Cedar Valley.

What is Aquatic therapy?Aquatic therapy is an evidence-based and skilled practice of the physical therapy that takes place in an aquatic environment. A licensed physical therapist or physical therapist assistant oversees and maintains a safe environment for the patient. The end goal is to transition the patient back to land-based functional practices.

What are some benefits? Aquatic therapy gives the patient buoyancy. This increased buoyancy gives a sense of weightless-ness and unloading of joints. Therefore, the patient experiences an increased ease of active motion. Secondly, hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that the surrounding water exerts on the body. Hydrostatic pressure assists in blood return to the heart and provides resistance to active movement.

Other benefits…

  • Increased cardiovascular function
  • Increased circulation
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Increase balance and coordination
  • Decreased swelling

Is aquatic therapy appropriate for injured athletes? Yes! Aquatic Therapy is becoming increasingly popular as rehabilitation for sport-related injuries. Water is a great place for injured individuals to start regaining functional mobility. Hydrotherapy may even allow protocols to be attempted sooner than if it were land-based. Lastly, hydrotherapy aids in training/conditioning during the recovery process.

Looking ahead at Agape… Coming in June of 2019, Agape Therapy will debut a second Cedar Falls location, “gentleGym.” This south location will include a therapy pool! The pool will be open for aquatic therapy, daily passes, and personal training. Users will be able to enjoy access to an underwater treadmill and water current swimming. Choose from a variety of small group programs geared toward specific populations or enjoy the pool independently. Keep this information in mind as we approach summer! Visit more information on gentleGym’s therapy pool.

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