Finding Your trueCore

Finding Your trueCore

At Agape Therapy, we offer a six session series that teaches individuals how to engage their trueCore. The principle idea behind this class is to teach you how to initiate your stabilizers. These are your deep intrinsic muscles that also initiate stabilization of your spine. Learning how to initiate the stabilizers will then allow the individual to progress into movement and improve function.

Why does your trueCore matter? Learning how to tap into your body’s innate neurology to function your trueCore leads to efficient posture, balance, and strength. Greater efficiency means less issues, such as lower back pain. Your body’s nervous system governs all the body’s systems. If there is a block in this system, a cascade of dysfunction may begin to occur, some issues will be noticeable, others not as much.

What is your trueCore? We consider your trueCore to be the deep intrinsic muscles that initiate the stabilization of your spine, including your: pelvic floor, multifidus, diaphragm, and transverse abs. While a “six-pack” may be desirable, that muscle, the rectus abdominis, is a “mover” muscle. Without a strong, efficient foundation, crunches for your six-pack will not aide in the repair of your compromised nervous system.

What can I expect/class outline?

  • Learning the “3 Check System”
  • Initiating pelvic floor and stabilizers
  • Walking through core progression series
  • Assessing your spinal reflex pattern
  • Transitioning into strengthening movements for functionality
  • Learn how to keep it going at home!

Contact us at 277.3166 to learn more and find out when trueCore will be offered next!