In today’s high-tech society, many of us spend time on a computer, sometimes for hours at a time! Working on a computer may cause some issues, including wrist injuries. Here are some tips to help prevent injuring your wrists while working on a computer:



  • BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR POSTURE. Distribute your weight equally to both sides of your body, helping to prevent putting extra pressure on your forearm and wrist by leaning on them.
  • ADJUST your chair or keyboard HEIGHT so your hands are slightly below your elbows with your shoulders relaxed.
  • KEEP the back of your WRISTS FLAT, or only slightly bent back.
  • Try to AVOID GEL PADS with the keyboard or mouse. These ‘rests’ actually cause you to use more wrist movement. They generally  force you to bend your wrists very inward or outward, putting unnecessary strain on your wrists. Your hands should move more in a floating movement, similar to playing the piano.
  • ADJUST THE PLACEMENT OF YOUR MOUSE. Place the mouse just to the side of the keyboard so that your elbow remains by your side. Also, the hand should still remain below the elbow so as to avoid putting strain on the wrists.
  • INCLUDE SOME MOVEMENT. Take frequent stretching, rest and change of position breaks. Try some wrist circles, shoulder rolls and even overhead stretches to help with posture. When not typing, try placing your hands in your lap for rest and change of position. Also try swaying in your seat, twisting your body, looking around, and standing up for a change in position.

These tips should help reduce your risk of wrist injuries from computer work. If you still experience wrist discomfort or pain, please seek your doctor and check it out.



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