Movement Is Medicine, The Functional Movement Training Series

Movement Is Medicine, The Functional Movement Training Series

Welcome to a post that can offer an opportunity for you to take action and feel better!  My name is Luke, and I am a Functional Movement Specialist and Wellness Specialist at Agape Therapy.

My goal with this series is to empower you and assist you in taking control of your body and your movement. We all have biomechanical flaws. Things like desk posture, diet, lifestyle choices, and emotions can all effect our biomechanics. “Biomechanics (as defined by Wikipedia) is the study of the structure and function of the mechanical aspects of biological systems, at any level from whole organisms to organs, cells and cell organelles.” Genetics also plays a major role and varies from person to person. These flaws can cause or intensify pain within the body. These biomechanical errors can leave you injured and lost with physical activity.

Do you struggle daily with the sensation of achy or tight muscles? Do you feel the need to stretch excessively to get rid of these aches only to have to do again and again?  Have you tried everything to deal with your musculoskeletal pains and just haven’t found the right solution yet? This is a complex problem that is best addressed on a one on one basis or a small group setting.

I want to give you a structure and plan to follow that will allow you to succeed with this series. Together we will uncover and treat your biomechanical errors. Getting you out of pain and learning to effectively self-treat is the priority. Then we will incorporate corrective exercises and movements to build strength, flexibility, and body awareness all simultaneously. Did you even know you could enhance your body awareness and coordination?

Fitness is evolving to counteract the sedentary habits we all have. As we have moved into the information age it is obvious our lives are becoming increasingly busy, but not necessarily more active. You need tools to deal with these issues and this series will give you just what you need, to deal with this reality.

I want this series to make you self-sufficient, eliminate the anxiety that comes with working out, and set you up for success. To elaborate, whether your physical activity choices include gardening or half-marathons, this series will enhance your abilities to do any task. Think about gravity for a second. It is one thing that is always constant in life. Can you think of other variables that always remains constant? Wouldn’t it be nice to improve the relationship you have with gravity? I can tell you from experience that is  life-changing, and I would like to help you along this path. So, whether you are a young athlete looking for a competitive edge, a thirty-something mother of three looking to take back their body, or in your golden years enjoying yourself, I want you to get results!


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Functional Movement Training Series is 10 sessions, $40 each session.  If you sign up in a pair, the second person saves 50%!  Or pay together (divide total in 2) and  you save $100 each!  Call 277.3166 to get signed up.   Sessions will be at the CF Agape (downtown) clinic or can be at The Den in Dike.