Suffer From Headaches?

Suffer From Headaches?

Types of Headaches

Causes of Headaches

  • Sinus: generally caused by infection and/or inflammation of nasal passages.
  • Tension: generally caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck. Foods, activities and stressors can cause these headaches.
  • Migraine: generally triggered by hormones, food, drink, stress and exercise.
  • Cluster: generally related to abnormalities with the body’s internal biological clock (hypothalamus).

Treatment for Headaches

  • Sinus: aim to drain your sinuses. For example, take a steamy shower, consume something with spices, use a humidifier, prevent allergies, apply warm compress. If over-the-counter treatments do not help, see your doctor.
  • Tension: try to avoid stressors. For example, engage in relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation), manage stress ( verbalize or write down thoughts), physical exercise ( release tension, endorphins and improve cardiovascular fitness) and ice packs (reduce inflammation and dull pain). If self-care does not help, see your doctor.
  • Migraine: try to avoid stressors. For example, be mindful of alcohol, caffeine or poor sleep. Also, manage stress, improve sleep habits, and be attentive to diet triggers. If self-care does not help, see your doctor.
  • Cluster: If headaches persist and are accompanied by symptoms of nasal discharge, red or tearing eyes, seek medical attention.
  • Physical Therapy is a wonderful way to treat headaches. A Physical Therapist can help you