Nutrition for Fuel

Nutrition for Fuel

Like a well-oiled machine, you require some sort of fuel to run. While there are different fuels for different vehicles, such as diesel, E85 and so on, there are different kinds of fuels that may work for your body. Whether your goal is to manage chronic illness, have fewer aches and pains, have better digestion, conquer poor eating habits, lose weight and rev your metabolism, or increase energy and well-being, Jo is able to aid you in your learning of what foods your body specifically needs to reach your physical, mental and emotional needs.

Through nutrition coaching, you will experience a personalized approach, tailored to meet your needs. Nutrition should not be generalized because nutrition does not hold a general standard for everyone. Every body and lifestyle requires a different fuel. With Jo, you will identify and isolate your specific needs.

Below, you will find suggestions to add to your cooking in order to help fight the trouble you may be experiencing. These ingredients may also be added to teas! Keep in mind, these are merely suggestions, if you would like to learn more about how to utilize these ingredients, get in touch with our Nutrition Coach Jo Curley to continue learning more (find contact information below).

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