The Den Equipment

Cardiovascular Equipment

Octane Zero Runner

The Zero Runner is a no impact machine allowing you your normal running pattern without the wear on your joints. It’s fantastic.  Plus it has a Smart Console. This allows wifi streaming, gait analysis, and challenges.

(4) True LC1100 Treadmills

The True LC 1100 has many premium features including heart rate control, cushioned impact and iPod hookups. It has an incline option of upto 12% and speed options up to 12 mph, along with 10 preset and 3 custom programs to provide you with the best workout possible.

(4) True LC900 Ellipticals

The True LC 900 Elliptical is a safe and comfortable crafted machine. It provides handrails and side steps for entry and exit. Its patented core drive system provides the most natural movement and keeps the user in cent of the motion for superior balance, stability, and comfort. It offers 7 preset programs and is iPod ready.

(1) True LC900 Upright Bicycle

The True LC 900 Upright Bicycle is designed to provide you with a realistic cycling experience. It includes heart rate control options, 7 preset and 3 custom programs, and aero-bars to provide leverage for long distance sessions. This bike is a perfect addition to any workout.

(2) True LC900 Recumbent Bicycle

The True LC 900 Recumbent Bicycle features a multi-setting, adjustable seat that optimizes range of motion while minimizing pressure on soft tissues. It includes 7 pre-programmed workouts and is iPod ready.

(1) Vision Fitness Spin Bicycle

The Vision Fitness Spin Bicycle has three piece cranks and sealed roller bearings to give you a smooth and comfortable pedal motion. It also comes equipped with a programmable LCD console display, five program options, integrated heart rate feedback and an integrated reading rack.

(1) Scifit Total Body Recumbent Stepper

This recumbent stepper provides smooth linear movement with start and stop motion. The user can select any stride length within the 12″ stride range and the arm to leg movement ratio is 1:1 for maximized range of motion. The step through and adjustable seating provides a great workout for all fitness levels and ages including those with hip or knee issues.

(1) Octane X Rider Recumbent Elliptical

This unit is a nice transition between a recumbent bike and a regular elliptical.  It has the elliptical motion but you are seated.  The seated position is a little more toward a bike position than a chair position. It included the reciprocal motion of arms and legs.  The seat is adjustable and the console allows you to adjust the challenge appropriate for you.

Strength Equipment

Inflight Fitness FT100 Functional Trainer

The Functional Trainer provides an unlimited array of training movements to aid in our everyday or favorite activities and sports allowing you to strengthen every prat of your body. The functional trainer can provide all the same exercises as a set of dumbbells or a barbell, but can also provide exercises that engage multiple muscle groups creating a strong foundation and core. Functional trainers not only increase strength, but also improve muscle coordination and balance.

Inflight Fitness

The Liberator Home Gym by Inflight Fitness is the ultimate multi-station exercise system on the market today. The Liberator is rugged and durable with an 11 guage steel tube frame, pillow block bearings and molded polyurethane cushions. The Liberator station is smooth and quiet with modern design. Its options include lat pull, shoulder press, leg extension and curls, bicep curls, row, chest press, overhead tricep, ab crunch, and leg press. The picture is in our actual facility!

(2) Squat Racks

Hyperextension Bench

Preacher Curl Bench



Thera Bands

Sport Bands, Plyo boxes, Bosu, Physio Discs, Foam Rollers, Gym Balls, Med Balls, Jump Ropes