Much will be required from one who is given much; if someone is entrusted with much, even more will be expected in return. -Luke 12:48

“Your amygdala didn’t make you do it. Wait, do what? You are not your brain structures. Your amygdala-or any other part of your brain-cannon make you say or do anything. Parts of your brain do not control you; they are simply structures within the brain with specific neurophysiological functions that become more or less active in response to you expressing what it feels like inside. They are activated by your perception, your unique mode of thinking, The brain is like a complex quantum computer that reflects and expresses the mind (or inner life) of a human being.

We are made in the image of the Creator, yet we are often surprised that we have the power and responsibility to create. We cause structural changes in our brains through the way we think, feel, and choose. Through our customized way of thinking, we create matter with our minds. We need to take this power seriously. We can bring heaven or hell to earth-the choice is yours. ”

The above information was from “Switch On Your Brain Every Day”. Here is a link to Dr. Caroline Leaf’s Podcast. You will definitely find some interesting topics, and done in a way you probably haven’t thought about before.


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