When I say the word “core” what do you think about? Maybe a toned
midsection or a guy with 6-pack abs. Although these may describe parts of the core,
it does not exactly get to the heart of the matter.
Your trueCore, as Agape names it, alludes to the area of the body between the pelvic floor and diaphragm.
These muscles include multifidus, transversus abdominis, diaphragm and muscles of
the pelvic floor. The trueCore refers to the stabilization system of your core. When we
activate our trueCore properly, we create a healthy and powerful source of
stability. When we do not focus on the trueCore, we can quickly develop pain and
Come into Agape to learn about trueCore so you are able to live with a pain
free functional core. This is a great way to get in sync with your body and to help
you feel better! Agape offers a trueCore class to help progress you.  If you are experiencing pain you are invited to take advantage of the free injury consultation Agape offers as well. Just call 277.3166 to get an appointment.

If you are an athlete of any type our new location was created especially for you!


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