There is a difference between how “pop culture” names your core and trueCore, as Agape calls it, is.  TrueCore is the stabilization system in your spine that allows the most efficiency to translate throughout your body.  Your pelvic floor muscles, multifid (deep layer muscles between each vertebrae) and intertransversarii are part of this stabilization system. When active, it creates strength, power, stabilization and decompression to your spine and it’s fellow parts. When this system is dysfunctional, which it so often is, you have issues. Quickly this leads to other pains and injuries.

Your core function should be an innate operation in your body, but compensation patterns interrupt this.  In the gym we often train our “core” but that is the cognitive process of strengthening our six pack abs and doing planks that hurt our backs because of poor form.  Learn about your trueCore and how to get it to imitate again so that it’s a part of your everyday movement not something you just train in the gym.  Agape has an 8 session class that teaches you this and dovetails it into everyday function. A great opportunity to get in tune with your body and feel better!



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