The running clinic at Agape, “Running Wild”, is a great approach for both new and returning runners. The staff works with individuals to determine the alignment of their foot strikes and this in turn decides what type of shoe is best for them. If you have flat feet or high arches don’t fret, there are shoes specifically for you. Part of the plan that evening is to assess you to see if there are exercises or mobilizations that would restore proper function to you.   The second portion of the Running Wild series is the guidance runners will receive on proper foot striking. Many running pains can be solved by simply changing the way you land on your feet. Using a forefoot strike approach will ensure less impact force and undue stress on the body. One simple trick is to think about making your foot strike “softer”. This mentality alone reduces the rate of impact by about 20%. This program will be beneficial for all levels of running experience whether it’s your first mile on the trail or 10,000th. The last part of the evening is a full body assessment checking for proper mobility.  Your body is the sum of it’s parts. So it is important that you have proper mobility throughout your body. Come May 23rd at 6pm to the CF clinic and join the Running Clinic.  Please call 277.3166 to reserve  spot!

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