Spinal Reflex Therapy

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Spinal Reflex Therapy

S.R.T or Spinal Reflex Therapy is a fantastic and frontier treatment that Agape Therapy is so excited to be offering. Please click the video or article link below both of which describe S.R.T. nicely. Call or email if you have questions or would like to start a treatment.

Treatment cost $60 for each hour session.

S.R.T. can be performed through 2 avenues at Agape Therapy:

  • Avenue 1 is to come straight to Britta through the massage route. Email avanarkel@ for an appointment or to ask questions.
  • Avenue 2 is through the Physical Therapy route.  After your evaluation your treatment may continue with Amy and if appropriate S.R.T. will be a part of that treatment.  Most insurances cover PT.

If you are not sure what to do, have no fear!  We have the answer.  Our comprehensive Access Care Model has Access Evaluations by a PT.  These are Level 1 or Level 2 depending on the extent of the evaluation.  They are cash pay options.  For instance Level 1 is a 30 min comprehensive evaluation where the PT will give you their recommendation for care.  This is a great option if you have uncertainty in what to do.  Call our office at 277.3166 to get an appointment or ask questions.