F.A.T. Tool (Fascial Abrasion Tool)

F.A.T. Tool (Fascial Abrasion Tool)

The FAT-Tool is a cutting-edge treatment technique that is combining all the good treatment rationale that works and presenting a tool and technique to offer some significant healing. As research progresses, it means an opportunity to offer the patient better, more efficient care. We all want that don’t we? This amazing tool, with the skilled hand of a professional, can help restore your function and get you back to your life. The treatment can be part of physical or occupational therapy and done as part of a treatment through insurance.FAT2

Cost: $1/min

Now it can also be done as its own treatment or in combination with Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, or Personal Training at Agape – those options would be cash pay. Please call with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Below are videos to click on and learn more about the amazing properties of fascia!

  • Fascia is a connective tissue that covers EVERYTHING in your body in a continuous sheet. This is a large reason why working on one part of your body can have an effect on         different parts of your body.
  • This video shows fascia “strolling” under the skin in a more scientific way. CLICK HERE
  • This is a look at fascia’s connection with muscle and skin, similar to above. CLICK HERE
  • Robert Schelp, a pioneer in fascia discoveries, discusses fascia from a pain perspective. CLICK HERE
  • This is an introduction to Anatomy Trains to give you an idea of how our practitioners look at your body and begin to break down how they want to treat you. It is a very i                  integrated approach. Tom Meyers, the man who started Anatomy Trains, has done some amazing work to get fascia work into the mainstream. CLICK HERE 
Visit the FAT tool website for more information: www.fat-tool.com