Pregnancy Kinesio Tape

Pregnancy Kinesio Tape (K Tape) is a wonderful modality to help alleviate some discomfort for expectant mothers.  It’s $20 and typically we can get you in the same day!

Kinesio Tape (“K-Tape”) is a popular material made from cotton with an acrylic adhesive and is like our skin in its thinness and elasticity, which allows it to easily interact with the human body. The therapeutic tape is used to treat, to recover, and to prevent injuries. Gently lifting the skin, the natural elasticity allows excess fluid to drain away, relieves pressure on pain receptors, and promotes better blood circulation. K-Tape was first worn by athletes, but is now used universally for many therapeutic treatments, including treatment to address the unpleasant symptoms that can accompany pregnancy.

During one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, while she is growing a new life and anticipating who the new little baby will be, mom is also experiencing nausea, swelling, increased sensitivity, difficulty sleeping, and back pain. And while she wants to ease her own discomfort, mom knows that anything she ingests is transferred to her unborn baby. Medications that could relieve her symptoms are avoided and she may seek natural remedies. K-Tape is a great, safe, and drug-free alternative to over-the-counter pain medication! K-Tape can help relieve back pain, swollen feet, sciatica, carpal tunnel, restlessness and fatigue, and other aches and pains. It is an ideal option for expectant mothers seeking relief from pregnancy discomfort.

When applied correctly, K-Tape begins working immediately and can provide continuous relief 24/7 for three to five days per application. It is comfortable to wear and water resistant, so it stays on and intact through showers, swimming, exercising, and sleeping. K-Tape allows for full-range of motion, unlike restrictive and uncomfortable pregnancy belts, and it comes at a more economical price!

There are different techniques to applying K-Tape for maximum support. How the tape is anchored and the amount of pull it creates make a noticeable difference in its effectiveness. Our knowledgeable therapists will evaluate your body and symptoms to decide the best taping technique to help you manage your pregnancy and provide you with the proper usage instructions.