Zero Impact Running

With all the pounding that running can be on your joints it’s nice to have alternatives.  Not everyone likes the pool.  Some people don’t realize ways to cross train.  There is the high end, and pricey Anti Gravity Treadmill.  Realisticall

Keep It In Neutral

Keep it in Neutral What does good posture look like? Many people believe that good posture means shoulders back, way back, and keeping the trunk erect. This military stance (Picture 1) is seen as the end goal for improving posture however it is actually i

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What is Dry Needling?

One of the many services Agape Therapy offers at their clinics is dry needling. The dry needling technique involves using a thin filiform needle much like that used in acupuncture. Dry needling and acupuncture are different. Acupuncture addresses the meri

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What To Expect At Agape’s Run...

The running clinic at Agape, “Running Wild”, is a great approach for both new and returning runners. The staff works with individuals to determine the alignment of their foot strikes and this in turn decides what type of shoe is best for them. If you

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All Flared Up! A Blog About Arthrit...

All Flared Up! A Blog About Arthritis   Arthritis is a general term for joint inflammation and is a prevalent issue to my patients. As an Occupational Therapist who specializes in hands, I have many tools to help people learn how to manage their arth

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Why Is That Outlet Spinning –...

I was seeing a patient after he had a rotator cuff repair.  He had to wear a sling so he slept on the same side night after night for several weeks.  One day in the clinic, he was laying on his side, facing the wall, doing strengthening exercises for hi

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Fructose Intolerance: Do you strugg...

Deb Iehl, Owner and Physical Therapist at Agape Therapy has been working hard on this concept of Fructose Intolerance because she has been struggling with it. In learning more about she has felt it important to educate people on how to have perspective wh

Free Pain and Injury Assessments

Sometimes we just don’t know if we should get Physical Therapy.  Physical Therapists are movement specialists, like your car your body needs maintenance so you can only benefit from some assessment!

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Staying connected in your community...

Our mission is to keep people as our priority. As a local business we want to stay connected to the community so we can help you get connected.  You are multi dimensional. There is no one like you. It’s important to advocate for yourself. It’

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What is trueCore?

There is a difference between how “pop culture” names your core and trueCore, as Agape calls it, is.  TrueCore is the stabilization system in your spine that allows the most efficiency to translate throughout your body.  Your pelvic floor m